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Assessment and management of credit, market, liquidity, and operational risk

Risk modelling, back-testing and model validation, Bespoke stress testing and scenario analysis

Compilation of regulatory reporting, and drafting and/or review of ICAAP/ILAAP documents

Drafting and implementation of risk monitoring and risk appetite frameworks, risk registers, policies and manuals

Business Advisory Services

Businesses are driven by internal and external factors which lead to continuous changes in priorities, strategy, goals and objectives. Bridge’s Business Advisory practice is focused on assisting clients to navigate smoothly throughout these cycles of change and other difficulties, such as COVID-related distress. Bridge’s team comprises subject matter experts who are seasoned entrepreneurs and have a wealth of experience in setting up and running successful businesses. Bridge offers a suite of tailored solutions adaptable to the unique state of affairs of our clients.  The following are the main areas where our subject matter experts can assist:

Carrying out independent business SWOT analysis to identify strengths and opportunities and mitigate weaknesses and threats

Assistance for restructuring of business operations and processes to achieve efficiency and growth, including business valuations and scenario analysis

One-stop shop in relation to Mergers & Acquisitions and advice thereon

Raising of finance for corporates, ranging from bank borrowing and the structuring of such instrument, preparation for bond issues and also preparation for IPOs

Regulatory Compliance

The development and establishment of a robust compliance framework is a critical task for any entity to secure the soundness and appropriateness of its business. The entity must ensure that all its internal policies are robust and sustainable to be able to respond effectively to changes in legislative frameworks.

The scope of regulatory compliance – both at locally and EU level – has dramatically increased and continues to expand. Regulatory penalties have also increased over time and tighter scrutiny is being applied across all regulated sectors. Most importantly, breaches in compliance matters can lead to irrecoverable reputational damage, which impacts the going concern of a company.

Our team of experienced compliance specialists have practical knowledge of the various regulations, guidelines and rulebooks regularly published and updated by the MFSA This allows us to provide our clients with peace of mind that their operational set-up is compliant and will remain compliant with the latest regulatory changes.

Bridge can provide tailored advice on regulatory matters and the impact of new and changing regulations – such as gap analysis on business operations – to a range of regulated entities including: credit & financial institutions, payment institutions & EMIs, investment firms, corporate service providers.

Suitability of Board composition and members (executive and non-executive members)

Efficiency and transparency of internal reporting lines; Conflict of Interest issues

Relations with shareholders and other key stakeholders

Training and Professional development for directors and management

Financial Crime Compliance

Gaps in firms’ conduct and in prudential arrangements often pave the way to financial crime risk, making firms more vulnerable targets for criminals seeking to disguise proceeds of crime or to support the financing of terrorism. The associated risks to business and financial institutions are very real and can lead to regulatory fines, reputational damage, loss of customer base and even imprisonment.

At Bridge we help our clients identify and assess such risk, respond to evolving regulation, prepare for and react to on-site visits by regulators, and enhance their overall financial crime management programme to become proactive in the fight against financial crime.

Our services include:

Assessing AML/CFT operating model, client risk assessment methodology

Reviewing, revising, or drafting policies and procedures

Gap analysis in preparation for onsite regulatory visits & developing remediation programmes

Carrying out independent KYC remediation of client portfolios

Designing and delivering AML/CFT training

Prepare due diligence reports on PEPs, HNWIs, complex corporates and high-risk potential investors

Provide tailored advice on due diligence requirements to open bank accounts with Maltese and EU credit institutions

Advice on the adequacy of the onboarding and ongoing monitoring tools, and internal reporting and record keeping processes