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A speaker role for Bridge in Money 20/20 – Amsterdam 2024

    Money 20/20 – the European version – in Amsterdam is the premium event for payments institutions every year.  I was an attendee in 2022 and also last year, while this year Bridge was granted a slot on the ‘Mastercard’ stage on the second day of the show. 

    The content was our choice and we opted to have a fireside chat with the MFSA to promote the Regulatory Journey in Malta. Our objective was to set the record straight on the successful lifting of the grey listing by the FATF in record time for Malta, the current flow of applications at the MFSA for payments institutions and the solid regulatory structure for fintech in Malta.  Camille Pepos – Head of Fintech Supervision at the MFSA – joined me on stage and answered my questions on the past, present and future in front of an interested audience that attended the session.

    The feedback received by Bridge and also the MFSA was positive and it will not be our last initiative of this sort.  Bridge will do its part to lift the jurisdiction.